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The dish was introduced to Korea around 1930s during the Japanese rule period, but the thick, Japanese-style tonkatsu failed to seize popularity. don-gaseu became popular in the 1960s, with the spread of gyeong-yangsik—light western food— restaurants. The dish, although called by Japanese-derived name don-gaseu, followed western pork cutlet recipes such as those of Austrian schnitzel: thinned by pounding before breaded and deep-fried. It was not pre-sliced, and served with bread. Western-style appetizer soup was served before the dish. Don-gaseu developed into two distinct varieties. In 1977, gyeong-yangsik-style don-gaseu with thin meat became a popular menu in gisa-sikdang—drivers' restaurant, similar to transport café, for taxi drivers— with the addition of chili peppers and kimchi as an accompaniment. As gyeong-yangsik restaurants nearly disappeared, this style of don-gaseu is now commonly served in drivers' restaurants and bunsik-jip (snack restaurants). Second style of don-gaseu, with thicker meat and served pre-sliced following the Japanese method, was made popular in 1983 by a restaurant called Myeongdong Dongaseu. This style of don-gaseu is now commonly served in authentic Japanese restaurants.

In Nagoya and surrounding areas, miso katsu , tonkatsu eaten with a Hatchomiso -based sauce, is a specialty. [7]

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