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Tonka Beans

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Today, the main producers of tonka beans are Venezuela and Nigeria. The cumaru tree is an emergent plant, and a light-demanding calcifuge tree which grows on poor, well drained soils. The best growth is reached on fertile soils rich in humus. In the native region there is a mean annual temperature of 25 °C and about 2000 mm rainfall per year with a dry season from June to November. In general, it has a very low plant density, but depending on the agricultural use, the density and the age of the trees diversify. In seed production systems, the plant density is higher and the trees are older than in timber production systems. The tree flowers from March to May, and the fruits ripen from June to July. So, the fresh fruits are picked up in June and July, and fallen pods are harvested from January to March or sometimes earlier. The hard outer shell is removed and the beans are spread out for 2–3 days to dry, after which they can be sold. The major producer is Venezuela, followed by Brazil and Colombia. The most important importing country is the United States, where it is used especially in the tobacco industry.

**Unfortunately, for legal reasons, we are not able to ship this product to the United States. Sorry for the inconvenience. Coumarouna odorata Aubl. Coumarouna tetraphylla ( Benth. ) Aubl. Dipteryx tetraphylla Benth.Any work-a-rounds for getting some of these in the States? I don’t believe I have had them, love obscure ingredients.

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